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Water in UK : problems and solutions

The water issue has always been a major preoccupation regarding the ecology: indeed it is a rare commodity, and many people still do not have access to drinkable water in the world. Moreover, although water is renewable, we keep using it in an insignificant way without thinking about the day it will dry up. However preserve it is essential for the environment, because absolutely nobody can live without water. And the water recycling issue is not approached in the same way by the different countries.

Ecology and water in UK

The United Kingdom has been for a long time one of the biggest polluters of the world: as a pioneer of the industrial revolution, the country had a serious ecological impact as regards urbanization and pollution. By the way, London is still considered as one of the most polluted cities of the world, because of the smog which coats it. But for a few years, people seem to become aware of the importance of sustainable development and recycling, to reduce the pressure on non-renewable resources. That is why the country set up a soiled water treatment system, to enable its cleaning and reutilize it for the daily consumption.

How to recognize clean water?

Pure water is easy to recognize: it has to be totally transparent, with zero suspect color, residue or whitish sediment. It does not have to have any too pronounced odor, except the chlorine with what the tap water is usually treated. If you have any doubt about the water quality, please do not drink it and do not hesitate to contact the authorities.

How to clean your water?

To be sure of always consume pure water, you can invest into a filtering carafe: it contains a canister with a very thin sieve, which filters the impurities and enables you to have a fresh and pristine water under all conditions.

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