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All different sizes and designs to choose from @Tropicspa

It has been decided you are getting a hot tub in a jacuzzi sale for your newly built house. The next question is, what kind of tub will it be, and what size will it be?

Hot tubs can come in a wide range of sizes, it can be intimate and petite fitting just 2 people, or it can host a party all the way up to 10-12 people! Tropicspa offers different sizes, in this article, we will look at the factors that go into choosing a hot tub size.

The main question, therefore, is how many people will be using the hot tub.
The most basic factor in deciding how big your hot tub will be is the number of people that will be using it. It can change depending on visitors, family schedules, surroundings, and kids.

Visitors: This can be tricky. Is your hot tub going to only be for private or party use? If it will be for party use, a whirlpool hot tubs might be a good idea. Are you going to have visitors once a month? Or maybe less? When deciding how big your hot tub will be, focus on the purpose and the number of majorities that will be using the tub at a time.

Surrounding: Where will the hot tub be placed, and what the weather is like. Will you be using the hot tub all year long, or is it going to be for vacation use only? Will it is inside your bathroom, or will it be outdoors.

These are only a few questions that you would want to be answered. To wrap it up, the size of your hot tub will all boil down to your personal preference. Never the less, Tropicspa will have a wide array of choices that you can choose from. From lounge tubs to whirlpool hot tubs, they have it all.

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