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High precipitation periods can cause combined sewer overflow

There is nothing more annoying than the overflow of the sewers. Indeed, this phenomenon is not only disgusting, but is also bad at the sanitary level. It will be good then to properly treat the overflow of wastewater. Knowing the causes and the cases will make it possible to apprehend it well.

When the rains can overflow the sewage?

It is important not to let wasterwater overflow. This can actually harm health. There are three types of wastewater that can be displaced. There is rainwater as well as runoff, domestic waste such as polluting domestic wastewater or industrial wastewater. In case of heavy rains, these waters can be suppressed, but there are solutions adapted to all types of solutions.

For domestic cases, it will be necessary to check if the channels are not blocked. Even if the piping is partially blocked, the large flow of water will be subject to some obstruction.

Also note the cracks or the dewatering of the drainage network in the case of wastewater discharges. It may also happen that the house does not benefit from connection with the evacuation network to the public sewer.

Insurance can help

It is not uncommon to see flooding of sewage due to heavy rainfall. In the event that unclogging solutions are mandatory in order to maintain the pipeline effectively, it will be possible to make use of your insurance. Indeed, insurance can intervene in several cases in this case.

When the pipeline is broken, cracked or dislodged and you are a victim of backflow or water infiltration, then your insurance will pay 100% of the work. Of course, this payment only takes into account the pipes inside the house. If the majority of the damage is outside the house, then 80% of the insurance guarantees the repairs as well as the research costs to the problem. This is a tremendous help that these institutions offer to everyone.

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