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How to make sure your jacuzzi tubs are as eco friendly as possible

Swimming pool and spa don't enjoy the favors of conservationists. Normally, it is the consumption of water and chemical additives which increase the ecological balance of households. Today, having an environmentally friendly jacuzzi tubs is feasible with these few keys.

Replace the chlorine in your pool or spa

Everyone has had the experience of prolonged swimming that irritates the skin and reddens the eyes. Blame it on chlorine, this disinfectant which prevents the formation of algae and bacteria. While bromine and PHMB perform an equivalent function without odor or irritation, they're still chemicals. It’s time that we checked out other ways to treat water with respect. Several natural options are possible, like treatment with ozone or salt.

Ozone water treatment

This is to equip you with a tool called an ozonator, the worth of which varies between € 1,200 and € 2,000. The ozonator creates ozone which it injects into the swimming bath water.

Salt water treatment

The salt tablets have the advantage of disinfecting the water using an electrolyzer (approximately € 600 to € 2,000). This converts the salt into natural chlorine, which, under the effect of UV light, is converted back to salt.

Heat your pool as naturally as possible

To save your wallet and Mother Nature, there are natural ways to heat your swimming bath. We start by swapping devices that are keen on electricity. There are accessories that use solar energy: solar mats, pool enclosures, ball covers or solar heating. It all depends on the quantity of water present and therefore the number of additional degrees desired.

Save water and electricity

Fighting against the natural evaporation of water may be a daily struggle. You’ll protect yourself from this by covering your pool or spa at the top of the day with a security cover, a roller shutter or a thermal blanket. During use, splashing is restricted, which suggests that the extent must be readjusted frequently. The trick is to stay it low enough to preserve any loss from children's jumps.

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