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Where to find an eco friendly spa

rom large swimming pools to smaller hydro-pools, hot tubs to steam rooms, no spa can exist without water – gallons of it in some cases. increase that the mountain of white towels and robes that require to travel through the wash hebdomadally , and a spa really has its work cut out when it involves being green.


All of spas products are designed with eco-sustainability in mind. for instance, the sauna wood is 100 per cent natural and untreated. The special working of the slats and therefore the construction system employed limits the utilization of adhesives within the installation phase, thus optimising the healthiness of the environment .

Sustainable Production

Starpool’s products are manufactured with a coffee environmental impact with limited energy consumption from clean and renewable sources, recyclable raw materials and external emissions adequate to zero.

Renewable materials

The company is proud that quite 75 per cent of its materials that goes into each product are made up of recyclable materials. additionally , the straightforward system for dismantling the components makes it easy to recover the raw materials at the top of a product’s life cycle.

Natural, reusable packaging

All products under the Starpool brand are dispatched in fir wood boxes from the Fiemme Valley which will be collected and reused repeatedly over, thus reducing the utilization of latest packaging materials.

Green Technology

The company uses software and hardware that adjusts and keep the temperature consistent. Its Green Pack includes self-closing doors and remote diagnostics, which enable approximately 20 per cent energy saving during standard operation and optimisation of energy loads. Controlling the facility distribution allows you to avoid the overrun of the kW and acquire long- term savings.

Making a difference

jacuzzi sorts waste materials and, where technically possible, it regenerates the components of products that are withdrawn and are not any longer in use.

The company’s products are manufactured to the very best standard, using only the top-quality materials to deliver exceptional eco-friendly spa sale and wellness facilities that represent true luxury.

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