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How to keep the water of tour jacuzzi in check

The spa is synonymous with well-being and relaxation, but in terms of hygiene, no relaxation is allowed: there's no way it becomes a nest for germs. Fortunately, your spa is generally designed for simple maintenance. Follow the guide to stay a nickel spa while remaining zen.

How do I clean a spa filter?

The filtration system are going to be more or less sophisticated counting on the model chosen (simple cartridge filter or sand filter). altogether cases, weekly checking and cleaning of the filter is suggested to prolong its life. you'll clean the spa filter with bleach, but remember that it'll wear out faster. It is possible to wash jucuzzi tubs filter with bicarbonate of soda and water, if it's polyester, by soaking it for 8 hours during this mixture.

How to treat spa water?

There are several options available to you for disinfecting your spa water to avoid the presence of unwanted microorganisms:

  • Chlorine: Fairly economical, however, chlorine can cause reactions (itchy eyes), emit an unpleasant odor on contact with organic materials, and it's not very stable above 25 ° C. Warning: chlorine is contraindicated for inflatable spas, the coating of which may deteriorate.
  • Bromine: Bromine doesn't emit an odor and is extremely suitable for sensitive skin. Its disinfectant action is powerful and isn't altered by the warmth of the water. the sole flaw is that it's far more expensive than chlorine.

Active oxygen

Active oxygen is extremely effective against algae and organic matter making it a superb treatment supplement. it's sensitive to high temperatures and thus must be added often.

Balance and quality of spa water

Your foam spa? the spa's pH is just too low? want to lower the spa's alkalinity level? Test the water once every week using strips, tablets or liquid reagent to avoid these sorts of problems. The pH of the water guarantees the effectiveness of disinfection products also because the safety of bathing water. the perfect pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. within the event of an imbalance, pH + or pH- product is added as required .

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