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Why the amount of drinking water required is variable

Water is not a food although it is part of the elements that are usually found on the table. Indeed, since it contains neither lipids nor carbohydrates nor proteins, it does not provide raw energy. But this does not prevent it from being one of the essential elements of life. The organism of every living being requires it because, thanks to it, the organism can use the energy present in foods swallowed daily. That's why we all need to drink water.

Why Drink Water?

According to the morphology, the body is composed of between 60 and 70% of water. It is the most useful element to live after oxygen. It is necessary for all vital processes. All the cells in the body are made up of fluids. It should be noted that it maintains the volume of lymph and blood, provides saliva that swallows food, lubricates the eyes and joints, keeps the body temperature and ensures the various chemical reactions in the cells. Water is also the element that supports the absorption and transport of ingested nutrients. It guarantees the proper functioning of the brain, moisturizing the skin and eliminating digestive waste and all metabolic processes. The drinking water is therefore more than important for the body. It is even a vital action.

How much water to drink?

In general, several parameters define how much water a person should drink daily. There is the size of the person, the level of effort that must be made per day but also the climate of its environment. On average, the quantity required is one and a half liters per day. Residents of temperate zones should drink up to 2 liters of water per day if they are medium in size. In some cases, a larger amount is recommended if the body has a lot of sweat or if there are health problems that further accelerate the loss of water. Drinking water more than usual is therefore more than advisable in the following cases:
A warm weather,

  • A practice of physical activity,
  • breastfeeding
  • disease.

It should be noted that some of the water needs of the body can be brought by food.

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