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Tap water must meet drinking water quality standards

Among the most controlled food products in all the countries of the world, one has tap water. The latter is subjected to severe treatment and control before arriving in the homes. The reason is simple: there are practically no more waters complying with the naturally potent standards of potability. What is the regulation that governs this subject and how does it guarantee risks for all users?


In the hexagon, 62% of the drinking water comes from underground resources obtained by drilling a deep water table or from a source. The remaining 38% is surface water (lake, river, river). Thus, strict health regulations have been put in place that apply to these waters before they become a food product. It is the Department of Health itself. It is the decrees of January 11, 2007 and January 21, 2010 that define the drinkability of water. The aim of this law is to obtain a healthy and quality drinking water that will not cause any illness to the users. Based on medical research and current WHO recommendations, these regulations determine the tolerable levels of the various elements that must be present in the water that a person drinks each day.

Everything for the health of consumers

It is possible that the microbiological parameter is exceeded and the drinking water conditions of the tap water are not properly respected. In extreme cases, the State takes control of the situation and can order the interruption of the distribution. It may be that the network is closed and that drinking water is forbidden until the problem is solved. These cases are even considered to be crisis situations. The State and the drinking water distributors use all possible means to notify and inform consumers. Some alert systems are set up such as e-mail, telephone, SMS, postings and many other forms of announcement using media masses and all other modern communication channels.

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